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The Brazilian tax burden is one of the largest in the world. That’s not news. What few people know is that currently in Brazil there are 93 (ninety-three) different types of taxes being levied. These are taxes, contributions and fees created and administered by the Union, states and municipalities. Every minute new rules and obligations are imposed on taxpayers. Many of these measures have defects and should be corrected.

The tax department of the Jobim Advogados Associados office has as main objective to correct these errors. The tool presented to clients as a means to achieve this goal is Tax Planning. Through it, it is possible to identify the opportunities, to demand the return of unduly paid amounts and to reduce the current tax burden, increasing the competitiveness and the profits of the taxpayers.


  • Tax Consulting and Planning – characterized by the development of more appropriate business practices for the constitution and structuring of corporate societies, with a focus on economy and fiscal security.
  • Performance in administrative tax proceedings – preparation of defenses and filing of appeals against infraction notices (municipal, state and federal spheres);
  • Business Tax Planning, where it finds out more advantageous forms for the formation of companies.

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Av. Ipiranga, n.º 40, salas 1011 e 1012
Ed. Trend City Center – Torre Office
B. Praia de Belas – CEP 90160-090
(51) 3094.7007 / (51) 3013.0392
(51) 99605.4104


Av. Itália, n.º 288, salas 83 e 83A
Ed. Evolve Premium Offices
B. São Pelegrino – CEP 95010-040
(54) 3419.9752 / (54) 3419.9753
(54) 99118.7027


Rua Serafim Valandro, nº 1.520
Ed. Gov. Walter Jobim
B. Centro – CEP 97015-630
(55) 3222.6022 / (55) 3026.0922
(55) 3028.0922 / (55) 99971.1528


Rua Francisco Leitão, n.º 469, 9º andar
Ed. Executive Tower
B. Jardim América – CEP 05414-020
(11) 2615.3505


SHN, Quadra 01, Bloco F, Sala 1.302
Ed. Vision
Asa Norte – CEP 70701-000
(61) 3548.8222



OAB/RS 2531

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