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Walter Só Jobim, son of Labiano de Castro Jobim and Alzira da Silva Só, was married to Ana Niederauer, a union that generated three children, Helvio, Labieno, and Walter Jobim Filho. Graduated in the Faculty of Law of Porto Alegre, was appointed judge in Santa Maria, where later he was public prosecutor. In the first elections for governor after the Dictatorship Vargas, defeated the favorite Alberto Pasqualini, of the PTB, by approximately 19 thousand votes and was chosen in the election of 19 of January of 1947. Its mandate lasted from March 26, 1947 to 31 of January 1951. He was ambassador of Brazil to Uruguay (1951-1955). He began his legal practice in August 1915, setting up his office in Santa Maria – RS, at Rua José Bonifácio, almost at the corner of Rua do Campamento, in the property known as “The House of Lions.” His professional legacy was passed on to his eldest son, Helvio, who took over his clientele, following up on the legal tradition of the Jobim family.

Helvio Jobim, was married to Namy Azevedo Jobim, with whom he had three children, Walter Jobim Neto, Nelson Azevedo Jobim and Helvio Jobim Filho. He had outstanding professional and political participation, being honored in numerous opportunities, where he was always outstanding the straightness and professionalism that led the causes that were entrusted to him, became State Deputy for the 1959/1963 management. For having practiced law for more than 68 years, he was honored by the Brazilian Bar Association with the title of “exemplary lawyer”. Dr. Helvio, as he was popularly known, passed away in 2005, precisely in the month in which the office completed 90 years of history, passed on his professional knowledge to his children;

Walter Jobim Neto, the eldest son of the Court of Justice of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, retired and former professor of UFSM, also served as the Military Defender of the Union for 23 years, in parallel with the practice of advocacy. Walter Jobim Neto still works in the office (Senior Lawyer), and serves as Provider of the Astrogildo de Azevedo Charity Hospital (HCAA).

Nelson Azevedo Jobim, 
a middle-aged son, has a career in law and politics, having been a Federal Deputy for two terms, Minister of Justice, President of the Supreme Electoral Court and Minister President of the Federal Supreme Court, as well as the first president of the National Justice Council and Minister of Defense, now advocating in Brasilia and São Paulo.

Since 1999, the office is managed by Ricardo Munarski Jobim, assuming the name JOBIM ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS, if characterized by a team of professionals that serve various areas and branches of law in a specialized manner.

The office expanded geographically, and nowadays, besides the headquarters located in the Central Region of the State of Rio Grande do Sul – Santa Maria, and located in the Capital of the State (Porto Alegre). Therefor, has a lawyer partners in São Paulo – capital.

This was made possible by the concepts of respect and professionalism that Jobim Advogados Associados maintains in relation to its history, valuing to the maximum the experience acquired over time, enabling a union between the modern business techniques and the strengths that every company possesses of family origin.

In terms of operation and structure, and adhering to the expectations of an increasingly demanding market, JOBIM ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS uses the concepts of the National Quality Program that translate the performance practices of World Class organizations.

The Office is divided into several specialties, which are essential for clients seeking legal efficiency advice to minimize difficulties. The commitment of excellence in communication and customer service has the fundamental purpose of adding value to the business.

The focus of the JOBIM ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS law firm is centered on the concepts of quality and commitment, based on more than a century of trajectory.

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Ipiranga Ave., n.º 40, rooms 1011 and 1012
Ed. Trend City Center – Torre Office
B. Praia de Belas – Zip Code 90160-090
+55 (51) 3094.7007 / +55 (51) 3013.0392
+55 (51) 99605.4104


Itália Ave., n.º 288, rooms 83 and 83A
Ed. Evolve Premium Offices
B. São Pelegrino – Zip Code 95010-040
+55 (54) 3419.9752 / +55 (54) 3419.9753
(54) 99118.7027


Serafim Valandro St., nº 1.520
Ed. Gov. Walter Jobim
B. Centro – Zip Code 97015-630
+55 (55) 3222.6022 / +55(55) 3026.0922
+55 (55) 3028.0922 / +55 (55) 99971.1528


Francisco Leitão St., n.º 469, 9º level
Ed. Executive Tower
B. Jardim América – Zip Code 05414-020
+55 (11) 2615.3505


SHN, Square 01, Block F, Room 1.302
Ed. Vision
Asa Norte – Zip Code 70701-000
+55 (61) 3548.8222

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