Family and Succession Law

Do que se trata?

In a society in constant change and evolution, a new concept of family entity and its composition takes place. Relationships become more complex, with different needs, where only the legal knowledge learned on the banks of the universities alone is no longer enough.

It is impossible to maintain only the traditional concepts. The modification of the forms of constitution and deconstitution of the familiar entity, makes it necessary to add theoretical knowledge with the contemporary one, evaluating the adequacy to each situation under analysis.

Even when the issue to be resolved may involve litigation, such as sharing of assets, divorce and custody, one must bear in mind that the case is an incident in the trajectory of people who, one day, have been side by side.

In addition, the expansion of entrepreneurship activity, with the facilitation of the company opening procedure, has brought with it the concern of prior planning of family issues, which can influence. From this point of view, they enter into evaluation from the choice of the property regime to be adopted in marriage, to succession planning, for example, through the making of wills.

In this context, the area of ​​family law and inheritance is unique and requires differential treatment. Because, as a rule, there is a delicate situation when the family institution faces a problem or needs some guidance.

Based on this vision, the Jobim Advogados – Family and Succession Sector was structured with a team of specialists, adding legal knowledge to the study of new social and jurisprudential paradigms, focusing on delivering the solution that most effectively safeguards and customer interest.

Highlights Family Law

  • Food claim: enforcement, enforcement and review 
  • Adoption Process
  • Paternity investigation action
  • Alteration of the marriage regime
  • Homosexual rights
  • Divorce and legal separation
  • Elaboration of antenuptial pacts
  • Establishment, recognition and dissolution of stable union
  • Child custody and visits Interdiction
  • Recognition of biological kinship and affective partner

Highlights Succession Law

  • Cancellation of sharing
  • Cancellation and revocation of will
  • Assignment and waiver of inheritance
  • Related searches
  • Judicial and extrajudicial inventory
  • Patrimonial organization and succession planning
  • Sharing of goods

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